The terroir


The roots

Domaine de Montille's first days in Volnay go back as far as the middle of the 18th century. Today, it includes more than 35 hectares, essentially Premiers and Grands Crus, mostly in the Côte de Beaune but also in the Côte de Nuits, for an average production of 8 000 cases over about 40 different appellations. Hubert de Montille wrote some of the domaine's proudest pages in the 20th century. The lawyer and his son Etienne continually strived to rebuilt and expand the family estate which had shrinked over the years. It is also he who established the domaine's worldwide recognition as early as in the 60s. 

And terroir wines

At a time when wines are standardized, this generation of winemakers decisively put great terroir wines on the map. It is the love of a job well done that Hubert probably passed on to his son Etienne who now runs and perpetuates the values of the domaine. 

Authentic and sustainable

Etienne's arrival brought change within continuity. Questionning the fundamental values of the domaine was never an option as these values were the very reason why the wines had become so sought after. But to authenticity, purity, ageing potential, and elegance, Etienne brought some charm, a velvety texture and the "whole cluster touch"... A change of style not soul. It was also he who, with his team, brought the domaine in the era of organic viticulture. The domaine completely stopped using artificial fertilizers and herbicides in 1985, synthetic fungicides and insecticides in 1995 to convert to organic and finally in 2005 biodynamic viticulture. The domaine obtained its organic certification in 2012.