"Les Rugiens-Bas" 1er cru de Pommard 2008

The Vintage

The weather in 2008 was capricious with a fairly mild winter followed by a spring and summer that were essentially cool and damp, slowing the maturation of the grapes and permitting the development of rot. Additionally, at the end of August, we worried when the meteorologists predicted another week of cold and rainy weather. Then, a miracle occurred. On September 13, "la Bise", which is a cool and dry north wind, arrived, clearing the sky of clouds. It blew for about three weeks. This was exactly what was needed. There was sunshine to help the grapes achieve maturity, cold nights to preserve the grapes' acidity, and finally, a dry wind to stop and dry out the rot. We just had to wait.... Harvest began at the end of September with radiating sunshine but cool temperatures. In the end, even if the quantities are small, 2008 is a very lovely surprise, a very Burgundian vintage with aromas deriving from the late maturation and reminding us of 1978.

Tasting notes

-(70% vendange entier Medium red. Smoky, musky, iron-scented nose. Broad, lush and sweet; a step up in volume from the other Pommards but similarly full and easygoing in the style of this group of 2008s. Classical red soil flavors of redcurrant and leather. Finishes lush and long, with lingering sweetness. Etienne de Montille noted that he's the largest owner of Rugiens du Bas (at 1.05 hectares) which features soil totally different from the marne blanche of Rugiens Haut, and that he will print Bas on the 2008 label for the first time. 90
By Stephen TANZER

-A deft touch of wood frames stony, pure and highly floral cool red pinot fruit aromas that merge seamlessly into detailed, precise and understated medium-bodied flavors that are supported by very fine tannins and excellent length. I very much like the effortless sense of balance and controlled power.  Allen Meadows